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About us

Some months ago two Instagram-addict friends, drinking some glasses of Prosecco di Valdobbiadene, were talking of how much it would have been great to have jewels with Instagram pics printed on them. It happens that one of those friends is a jewelry designer and the other one is an electronic engineer and software programmer. Some months later JewelPiX was born.

Gianpiero Riva

Happy married father of two stunning little princesses and one mighty newborn boy; a Stratocaster and a karate-black-belt in the closet. Electronic engineer. iPhoneographer.
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Michele Marzotto

Graduated in History of Jewelry and owner of Atelier Forma Design where I give freely express my creativity through jewels. For me the act of creation has always been a light to follow, I have always loved to create, see taking shape things that arise into my head, I have therefore directed my studies and my work to achieve this purpose. Designer by vocation, winner of the 2000 Design Award. Husband, father of two brats, martial arts practicing, photographer by passion. Jewelgram the natural result...
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The Company

JewelPiX™ is a brand owned by Gianpiero Riva and Michele Marzotto.
© 2012-2016 All rights reserved.
The JewelPiX's jewels are produced by:
lightNshape S.r.l
via Bregolini, 29/F - 30033 Noale (Venice) - Italy
Tel/Fax +39 041 5801209
VAT code: IT-04301110278