The JewelGram Photo-challenge | JewelPiX

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The JewelPiX Photo-challenge

Joining in our JewelPiX Photo-challenge it'very simple. First of all just Play. After that you will receive the MagicPic, a simulation of the JewelPiX Ring with one of your Instagram pictures printed on it. Then follow the next few simple rules:

  1. Post the MagicPic on your Instagram gallery;
  2. Tag it with #JewelPiX;
  3. Tag it with @JewelPiX (reference to our Instagram profile);
  4. Follow our @JewelPiX profile to be informed on news about the challenge;

Important! 1. Only pictures tagged with #JewelPiX and @JewelPiX will be selected by us for evaluation; 2. Only valid pictures with your ID printed on the top-left corner will compete for the challenge so do not edit your MagicPic. 3. To let us evaluate your MagicPic you have to verify that your Instagram profile is set to public otherwise (i.e. private) we will not able to see your pictures.

Tips. Post as many MagicPics as you want: the more you Play, the more you have the probability to be noticed and selected. MagicPics that will win the photo-challenge are those with the best pictures printed on them. So we suggest you to choose your best pictures for the MagicPic. We are going to select a winner every month. Once selected, you will also be featured in our Hall of Fame section (and on our @JewelPiX Instagram profile).

Prizes for winners are our stunning silver Inkwell Rings; every single ring of this very first series has a unique number carved on it; so the very first winners will receive really unique jewels.